Top Digital Hustlers For Boston Rap Right Now…

Update #201106 is a direct message from STMK:


I know that you can’t really measure talent but it means alot to Indie artists to have mediums that gauge fan appreciation. Since Reverbnation merged applications with myspace music it has been alot harder to stay in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts. The Reverbnation Charts are driven purely by fan involvement and it feels good to move up the charts.

I tweet about my rank all the time .I’ve worked hard to be better at not leaving anyone in the dark about what I’m up to. For those who showed love on Ourstage, Thank you. Our time is coming. I know I’ve been saying that for years but it is coming.

Congratulations to everyone who took home a trophy from the New England Urban Music Awards. I’m glad to have been a finalist. I think that I’m going to turn over posting Updates to Team SubZero soon. This will free me up to focus more on setting up this East Coast tour. I’ll talk more about that next update.

Reverbnation 5-5-11
Top 12 Hiphop Charts for Boston

1.Krystal Blayke
3.MC Holy Ghost
4.Nicholas Davis XI
5.2Face Dejavu
6.Jamie Terror
8.Young Boston George
9.Phily P
11.Serge Tha Bigga Betta
12.Saint the god


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