Roxbury MK Now Ranks in the Top 20 Indie Urban Artists World Wide

SubZero617 has since risen to the Top 20 Best of Urban artists worldwide.

After two years of being relatively quiet and observant on the net Sub decided to reclaim his spot in the Indie Digital music scene and finish what he started. Ourstage had since created a Digital Billboard chart called “The Best of the Best”. These charts show the top 100 artists on OurStage in Pop, Rock, Urban, and Country. Charts are generated 4 times a month and reflect the best artists over a 6 month period.


Sub announced his reemergence onto the scene and challenged his truest fans to make their voice heard by voting. The fans responded. “So Amazing”, an R&B track featuring Shannyn climbed the charts once again after remaining inactive for two years proving to still be a crowd favorite.

“The Best in Urban Music” Charts on Ourstage

While “So Amazing” climbed the charts Sub was in the process of engineering a newer, cleaner and clearer versions of “So Amazing, Long Range and Hourglass”. The newest version of “Long Range” was actually transformed so much that it was renamed and is now called “Unconscious”. The latest version has a much more of a complete feel than the original. In “Unconscious” SubZero617 gives the final verse and sets the tone with a “dual” hook preceeding a monologue that leaves thought provoking honesty in the final seconds of the track. “Unconscious” is a monster. During the first week of September “UnConscious” rose to number 86 on the Alt. HipHop  Charts for Ourstage. Subsequently SubZero617 was listed as a “new artist to watch”.

(You can view past weeks by using the drop down menu on the right side of the “Top Tracks” page.

“Unconscious” climbs to #14 Ourstage Top Tracks.

“UnConscious” didn’t stop at number 86 it continued to move up the charts reaching #14. At this time Sub’s fan club was ranked #44 in top fan clubs on Ourstage.




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