STMK Well Recieved During The Magnum Live Large Competition

SubZero617 participated in the Magnum Live Large Project last month but did not place as a finalist. The interest on the net was well received and positive though. Good luck to the finalists and the winner who were chosen.

The announcement on the SUBZERO617 Blackplanet music site was as follows: Dated May 11, 2010:

Magnum Live Large Project

Wdup Planet this is SubZero617

To my friends who may be interested in showing luv or maybe entering into the contest themselves…..Ludacris is hosting a competition for Trojan Magnum Condoms. If you are an artist and you feel that your music falls under the category of Urban than you might cnsider entering. The general rules of the contest are below.  I have entered a Special Edition mix of Hourglass into the contest. To hear it go to

Oh yeah, the winner also gets $5,000 presented to them on stage by Ludacris….

If you stop by…..

Be sure to join my fan list before voting. It’s the only way I’ll know who supported me for sure. Oh, and it will also guarantee that you’ll get to vote for me within atleast the first 20 battles. You don’t have to vote me for me though. Just support the music that you like. I think that entries are being accepted until the 15th. Good luck. I just submitted the track yesterday. It has already jumped 300 places!! I’m diggin’ it!! I’m working to see if I can get a video up in time to help promote the song and the conetst.  Here’s the official info. below.

Beginning May 1st, OurStage Hiphop, Alt Hiphop, R&B/soul artists are encouraged to submit Magnum-related tracks to the Trojan “Magnum Live Large Project” Channel. Ludacris will be looking for the best ORIGINAL song that displays how you maintain the “Magnum Gold Standard” and live above the status quo. Artists can also download instrumental tracks from Ludacris’s label, Disturbing Tha Peace, and chop them up to make them their own.

The winning artist will be selected from the Top 10 finalists by Ludacris, and will be flown down to Atlanta, along with a guest, to chill with Luda at the Trojan Magnum VIP Event on June 18th then watch him kill it on stage at Birthday Bash 15 on June 19th. Oh yeah, the winner also gets $5,000 presented to them on stage by Ludacris himself!? Don’t worry fans, we’ve got you covered! One lucky winner and a guest will also be flown down to Atlanta to hang out with Ludacris at the Trojan Magnum VIP Event on June 18th, and watch him take the stage at Birthday Bash 15 on June 19th. Just vote for your favorite artist starting May 1st, and you will be entered into the random sweepstakes to win! It is just that easy!


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